Michael Picón

Four New Magazines To Love

The death of print has been greatly exaggerated. Here are four new-ish magazines we can’t get enough of.

Mr. Wolf

Mr. Wolf Magazine is an independent journal profiling the leading personalities behind Nordic design, style, art and music. The layouts are spare, but the spirit is infectious. Flipping through an issue will put a smile on your face. It might even make you slow down a bit and take in your surroundings.
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Dot429 is a multi-platform network connecting LGBT professionals and allies online and in person. Step away from your screen and meet their print edition. Issue two has a great interview with Mr. Jared Leto and his brother.
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A print magazine about the people behind the pixels. As they like to say, “The irony of putting pixel people on paper is not lost on us. The publisher of Offscreen is a web designer by trade, longing for a break from an always-on, fast-paced digital lifestyle.”
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Hot Rum Cow

Adventures in the world of drinking. If you want to know the stories behind your favorite wine, beer or spirit, this is the magazine for you. Based out of the UK, they have a cheeky spin on all things booze.  
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