Michael Picón

The Book That Might Make You Ditch Your Online Life

I am trying something different. We don’t really talk about books on this blog, but I so enjoyed “The Circle” and wanted to put it on your radar.

What if Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Samsung all merged into one giant company? You’d get something called “The Circle”. Your emails, purchases, social interactions, photos, comments, banking, movements are all in the cloud. Privacy becomes a thing of the past. Ones online identity is all that matters.

The irony of setting up MinkWell’s google+ page while reading “The Circle” was not lost on me. Join our google hangout of friends! Or should you? The book brought up all sorts of feelings about what we over share and how we communicate in today’s world.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this subject. What did you think of the book? The best place to find me is over on twitter. Tag your comments #mwcircle. And if you are completely turned off by social media, drop me a post card. Our mailing address is in the footer below.

To Get Your Free Copy Of The Book

Overdrive lets you check out electronic editions of books from your local library. They sync on your tablet or smart phone. The app is much improved after a recent make-over. To download “The Circle” you will need a library card. Don’t have one? Stop by your local branch this evening on your way home from work. You might want to bring along a piece of snail mail (like a utility bill) and some ID.

Once you have your card, download the Overdrive app, type in your library card number, PIN, and start to browse. Click here to download “The Circle”.